Identifying Equipment in the Garage for Motor-vehicle

Case Study at East Sussex College Group

Identifying Equipment in the Garage for Motor-vehicle Click the image to launch example content

The motor-vehicle team at ESCG wished to record 360o video of students undertaking various practical tasks in the garage. Students would then watch and reflect on their performance in the following theory lesson in order to encourage deeper analysis and knowledge retention.

The college used the Theta V VR camera. This was chosen for its affordable price and quality of output. The quality of the eventual footage we captured was of a higher quality, but the team did come across a selection of issues using the camera. Firstly, recording footage longer than 5 minutes starts to become tricky to remove from the camera via USB connection. This meant video had to be transfer over a wireless connection to a mobile handset. The issue was caused by the Theta not charging effectively when transferring, and its battery life is not long enough to transfer large files. These factors caused significant delay in the completion of this case study.

The team eventually managed to work around this constraint and uploaded the above VR video to YouTube unlisted. When the lecturers were happy with the quality, they arranged the follow up reflection session with the motor vehicle students.

“This is so weird.” This student had not fully realised they were on camera the whole time, so was shocked to see themselves working at the bench. They admitted that not having a camera pointing right at them felt more natural. “It’s weird watching (themselves) working like this.” was a similar sentiment expressed by others in the group.

“It’d be cool to show people what I can do with this.” This student liked the idea that they could take away a video like this to show them working unedited on a project. The same student suggested: “It’d be cool to see like, a demo of the same thing from two different angles?”

The curriculum team were happy with the finished content but plan to produce a staff demo along with student demonstration as a comparison. It was noted that students found reflecting on their techniques easier when they were able to watch them back in this format.