Kitchen Induction for Hospitality

Case Study at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Kitchen Induction for Hospitality Click the image to launch example content

The hospitability division at GBMC saw a potential use for a virtual reality resource during their kitchen induction lessons. For each equipment station within the kitchen students, are required to complete a health and safety task and evidence that they have understand proper procedure. In previous years it has been difficult for the teaching team to engage students with these activities, but they are an essential part of the course. The learning technology team at GBMC saw the potential to augment this activity with videos and interactive elements in a virtual tour. The virtual activity could be completed either before, during or after the session.

For the project, the team got current students to record short video clips demonstrating each area of the kitchen and proper procedures. They also recorded close ups and extreme shots relating to specific tools. Finally, 360o photos were taken of various points in the room. All of this content is currently being put into a virtual tour using ThingLink along with consent forms and quizzes that the students needed to complete at each station.

The biggest challenge was getting the virtual tours to work effectively on virtual reality headsets. Head-mount VR has limited interactivity. Since the virtual tour was designed for browsers, the resources worked better as an immersive website accessed from the college’s digital classroom.