Identifying Habitats for Countryside

Case Study at Plumpton College

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The countryside division took part in two separate trials for this project.

In the first trial, the lecturer wished to capture scenes of the Level 2’s trip to Snowdonia to evaluate remote habitats. There were three teaching aims. Firstly, she wanted to use 360o learning resources with the group when they returned to help them re-experience the trip and retain knowledge. Secondly, some students were unable to go due to anxiety and she planned to use the photos as an activity for them when she returned to college. Finally, she plans to re-use the resources with next year’s cohort to orientate the students before they leave. She used a handheld 360o camera on the trip and the resources.

In the featured trial, the countryside team wish to build a bank of different habitats that could be used in lessons during identification exercises. It was hoped that resources would engage students during theory classes and deepen understanding. Over the Spring, a learning technologist accompanied the class on countryside visits. They captured high-quality 360o photographs and videos using the GoPro Fusion VR camera. These resources were loaded onto Oculus Go headsets and published through Vimeo. The team used the resources during classroom theory lessons, particularly targeting students who were not able to attend specific site visits. The teachers found the resources invaluable during the end of the programme when they needed to help students complete their portfolios and were unable to re-organise visits. Some students were nervous at first with using the VR headsets but were still able to access the same materials through tablets, desktops and the classroom projector. The team plan to build on the resources in the coming year to create a full suite of learning resources.