Identifying Airplane Parts for Aeronautical Engineering

Case Study at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Identifying Airplane Parts for Aeronautical Engineering Click the image to launch example content

The aeronautics workshop at GBMC contains a large selection of specialist equipment that students need to become familiar with in a short period of time. The team saw the potential to take immersive 360o videos of tools and part in operation as both a student induction activity and as a regular refresher throughout their programme.

Each tool or part was capture by the learning technology team and current students. Wide-angle photos of the workshops, garages and other practical areas were also captured. All of this content is currently being put into a virtual tour using ThingLink.

Like with previous trials, the biggest challenge was getting the virtual tours to work effectively on virtual reality headsets. Head-mount VR has limited interactivity. Since the virtual tour was designed for browsers, the resources worked better as an immersive website accessed from the colleges digital classroom.